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Gin Gin: Hello, There! My name is Gin Gin. I bet you can tell why! What you're really probably wondering about is how can a sweet boy like me be looking for a new forever family? Well, my old family had to move to aged care, and me and my brother Soxy had to move to a foster home. Soxy is so important to me. He is really my eyes as I'm almost completely blind. The vets say I've probably been this way since birth. There's nothing they can do for me. I just need Soxy and regular facials to keep me looking so handsome!

I love other cats, kids, and humans. I'm a big softie full of love for my next family. I love my wet food, too. I'll let you in on a secret: the way to my heart is through my stomach! My best home would have a cat run or would be a home would keep me safely inside since I can't do much to fend for myself on the mean streets of Perth. I can play and still have plenty of spunk and would love someone, or some family, that could enrich my life with play with bell toys and anything that makes a sound.

I'm a chatty boy, and I'd love going to bed with you every night! There's plenty of cuddles to go around. Could you be the family for me? C'mon, give me and Soxy a second chance x


Soxy: I'm snuggly Soxy, and I can't wait to find a home to call my own. I'm a total lap cat, loving nothing more than to curl up on the couch or on my human for nice cuddle. I have a big cat body, but if I fits, I sits! I'm an expert at making room if it means earning extra pats and cheek scratches. When I'm not hanging out with my humans or kitty friends, you'll find me chasing the sun”this kitty needs a tan!

I'm a chatty cat and I'm incredibly confident with others cats having grown up with them around. My forever home has to take my brother Gin Gin too - he needs me to see! Dogs are cool mates! I've lived with a little pooch before, and older, cat-savvy kids would be A-okay!

I just know family life is going to be amazing. What do you say? Are we the ones for you?