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DOB: 17/05/2017
Gender: Male
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Suited To: Teens & Up, Cats, Dogs, Indoor Only
Not Suited: Children 6-12, Children Under 5, Small Animals
Location: Joondalup, 6027

Cutie patootie, that's me: Collins! Bless my little white cotton socks they say because they are the cutest and always on the go around my foster home. I'm in love with the idea of sleeping on your bed and love my time grazing at the world through the window that's when I can sit pretty and stay still the best. Sometimes life can still be scary having grown up on the streets forgetting how to be scared and learning to live with good, kind people is something I work on every single day. My ear is tipped because I was set to be sterilised and returned to my cat colony on the streets, but luckily the lady that trapped me wanted a better life for me. It was meant to be that I was rescued because my colony friends were exterminated weeks later. I'm all about second chances, and that's exactly what I need.

My forever home would have a person, or people, who are patient, kind, nurturing, understanding, and have a little bit of free time to help me keep building my confidence (even just 10 minutes a night). I see my foster mum writing about me tonight when I sat on her living room chair in the open for the first time! I saw all the other confident kitties do it, and it was as comfy as it looked! I could definitely use a feline companion who would be my support animal too, so he/she would be kind, sweet, and confident and would encourage that I keep approaching my people as I do. I'm just not quite ready to accept pats out of my own volition just yet you see. I just bump my nose to their toes and fingertips. I've had lots of time with a friendly doggo, so those are okay too. I think I would actually like one in my family!

I'm a good cat that has it in me to be a good companion, I just need the right family to help me along the way. Second chances, right? Could you be my forever fam I've been waiting for?