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Hi, my name is Bebe!

If you spell like you're supposed to in French it's Bébé meaning Baby. That's cause I'm the littlest one in my foster home and what my foster mum used to call me to get me to come for breakfast! I love food and like I typical kitten I'll eat you out of house and home! Please have my favourite treats though I love creamy tuna! Yummy! I've got a really sweet disposition and a loud purr you could hear from ages away! I came off a farm in Williams and while I'm a friendly chap, sometimes quick movements are a bit scary. I just need a patient human to keep giving me creamy treats and showing me the best way to cat and that everything is alright. I love back scratches and strokes. I love head rubs and ear scratches. I could be a real cuddler if someone was willing to keep picking me up and loving me on their lap!

My forever family would have older cat-savvy kids and another feline friend. I'm keen on other kitties, and very cat social! I've met a big dog before and given a patient introduction, I'm sure we could be good friends too.

What do you say? Are you ready to add a Bebe to your family?

Medical Notes:

Bebe has been exposed to cat flu.