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Floss is a petite, green-eyed beauty full of attitude. 

‹She started her life as a stray who gave birth to a litter on a chicken farm, small and dainty she had to fight for survival for herself and her kittens, and that fight is something she has never lost. Her journey with humans didn\'t start out the best, and as such she is extremely timid and feisty when backed into a corner. 

‹Floss has been in her current foster home for about two years now and she still isn\'t 100% sure on humans. For the first 18 months she chose to stay in a spare room, even with the door always open and the temptation of food she never came out further then part way down the hallway, instead preferring to stay where she felt safe. It took about the same amount of time to be able to touch her without her running away. In her new home, Floss is going to need someone who can provide the same amount of patience and love, understanding that she\'ll need a long time to warm up to you.

‹Now, Floss has warmed up to the whole house. Queen of the castle, she thrives in her domain and enjoys ruling over her minions. Floss is a very strong personality in her foster home, she is not afraid to tell the other cats and dogs what to do. Human-wise, she still isn\'t sold yet. She will weave between your legs, head bump you when you\'re not looking, and occasionally come for a scritch but mostly she likes to stand just out of reach staring at you while twirling around, daring you to pat her if you can be quick enough!

She has *just* started coming into the lounge room when the humans are in there, mostly because she has become EXTREMELY food motivated. Nicknamed the \'garbage cat\' because like a trash compactor she will truly eat any human food you give her - she has no limits. When it comes to cat treats, however, she is extremely fussy; cat greenies, tuna temptations and creamy treats only! The closest you will get to Floss is when there is food involved.

‹In her forever home, Floss needs another cat or two for company as she loves her feline companions. This cat will have to be pretty laidback and happy to let her be the Queen B. She is not bothered by large dogs, however, she will not put up with a dog that will chase her and get in her business. She\'d prefer a mature home, quiet but a little busy, she\'s not a fan of kids or their noises. Floss MUST be indoor only, she will run off the first chance she is given and never come back.

‹If you think you have the heart and patience to offer Floss a chance to blossom, then please apply today!

‹Medical Notes:

Floss has been exposed to cat flu, however, she has never had it herself and was vaccinated prior to exposure.