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Bearberry & Red

DOB: 21/09/2021
& 01/01/2019
Gender: Female, Male
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Suited To: Teens & Up, Cats, Indoor Only
Not Suited: Children 6-12, Children Under 5, Small Animals, Dogs
Location: Parkwood, 6147

Introducing Bearberry & Red!

Bearberry is cat social and will need another cat in his life as he gets confidence from them, especially his mother Red. He is not a fan of dogs and will always go into an area the dogs cannot access. Bearberry is quite timid and will need a quiet home with a patient family. He has siblings in his foster home but mainly relies on Red and they would benefit from being adopted together. Bearberry will tolerate being picked up. He loves his food and this is being used to build up his confidence with pats and human touch. He is happy to be nearby watching interactions with other pets. As his trusts grows, we expect he will engage more in cuddles.

Red is cat social but can be a bully with soft natured cats. She is not a fan of dogs but will tolerate very respectful ones who give her her space. Red is quite confident and self-assured so would suit most homes. Her son, Bearberry relies on her and they would benefit from being adopted together. Red is cuddly on her terms and definitely fulfills a supervisory role in all aspects of domestic life. If you work from home, she will be in your office overseeing you completing your tasks.

If you feel you can provide Red & Bearberry with their Forever Home please apply today!