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Ahoy, I'm Bundy!

Like the Bundaberg bear I'm a soft old cuddly soul that's become better with age. I was found homeless on the streets of Esperance, and it wasn't until I was rescued by some lovely ladies that I started my journey looking for a new home and family. It took some time to realise, but, let me tell ya, people are amazing! They give the best scratches, brushes and cuddles I really love them all! Even though I only have half my tail you can scratch it at the base anytime I love it!

As much as I love people, I love my feline friends. A day wouldn't be complete without check in with them and in some cases curling up with them. Like I said, I love both feline and human friends, but I'll need a human family that can be patient with me while I adjust to my new space. I mean, I've already had two foster homes, so a home with a good routine and calm humans of 8 years or older would be the space I'm looking for. Kindness and patience would be the best ever! Please no doggos as they're just a bit too scary for me at the moment!

I promise I'll be the cutest thing in your home  what do you say you adopt me today!