The Spay It Forward program relies on the support of the WA community to sustain its mission. As we utilize our resources, we depend on your contributions to ensure ongoing assistance for more families to get their pets to the vet. If you wish to contribute to the cause of pet sterilization and microchipping to assist a vulnerable family, we list various ways you can easily donate below. Your funds will be directed towards urgently needed sterilization and microchipping procedures for cats or dogs in WA, making a significant impact in promoting responsible pet ownership and preventing unwanted litters. Join us in supporting Spay It Forward, a registered not-for-profit program.

Support us though

Bank Transfer
Inst: ANZ
Name: Spay It Forward
BSB: 016363
ACC: 327534709


Over the Phone with Square: 


Please get in touch with us over the phone by contacting the Spay It Forward team on 0420 451 987.


Our GiveNow Giving Platform:

We are proud to use GiveNow as Australia's first and best giving platform that helps us raise funds to support our cause, and help people become better givers to the causes near and dear to their heart, like Spay It Forward. You can donate with a one-off gift, or set up a regular payment option. GiveNow will help make sharing our cause easy and effficient to raise funds for us for your birthday, Christmas, or special event. A tax receipt is issued instantly following each donation.

Donate Now! (via Give Now)


Containers for Change:


For corporate donors or small businesses that want to take a more active and direct approach to giving back to your local coomunity, please contact, for more information about one-off business donation, or ongoing sponsorship and sponsorship agreeements.

Explore the various ways to support Spay It Forward below.

1. Connect with Us: Like and follow our Facebook and Instagram pages. Share our posts to spread awareness about the impactful work we're doing for pet sterilisation and microchipping.

2. Volunteer Opportunities: Join us as a volunteer, especially in the crucial role of transport. Help collect animals from their homes, drive them to the vet, and return them after surgery. If you can manage part of a trip, that's a significant contribution!

3. Donate Items: Contribute by donating items we need to our Adoption Program. Your support in providing essential supplies ensures the success of our mission. The items we need can be found here:

4. Network and Share Skills: If you have specific skills or know someone who does, reach out. Your expertise in marketing, fundraising, or access to discounts on office supplies and printed materials can make a substantial difference.

By engaging in these non-monetary ways, you play a vital role in advancing the Spay It Forward program's objectives and making a positive impact on animal welfare.