Western Australia's longest-running desexing program servicing the entire state.


Our Parvo Eradication Program is operating rurally around WA, to find out more about how to protect your dog and apply for vaccination assistance please click here.  

Thank you for your interest in the Spay It Forward program. Our application for desexing and microchipping assistance is currently on hold, and we ask you to please fill out an Expression of Interest for Desexing Assistance, so we can get in touch as soon as we can help you and your pet get to the vet.

If you have a current application with us, please be aware we are experiencing longer-than-normal response times for vouchers, emails, and text messages with our recent program changes. If you have any immediate questions, please call 0420451987. Thank you for your patience!

Last updated: 05/05/2024   

The issue: pet overpopulation.e45138_8b2ce7e7c10a4997ab500f0e8d18df7d_mv2.jpg

The cause: undesexed pets.

The solution: Spay It Forward. 

With the financial support of the Vida Foundation, WA Pet Project has developed an education-based community support program with the aim of reducing and preventing the number of unwanted pets in Western Australia.



Spay It Forward is a program that assists struggling pet owners through subsidised desexing, microchipping, and vaccinations at veterinary clinic locations throughout Western Australia. In a lot of cases, we can assist in remote country locations too. Our vaccination assistance is specific to rural and remote WA.  


To be considered for a subsidised desexing surgery and microchip you must be

  • A resident of Western Australia.
  • An owner over 18 years old.
  • A concession card holder.
  • AND be experiencing significant financial hardship.


  1. Complete the online application (5-15 minutes): (Currently unavailable due to high demand)
  2. On the last day of the month you will be notified of your acceptance into the SIF program or your place on a waitlist.
  3. If you are accepted into our program, the SIF Program Coordinator will be in touch to verify your concession card details and to complete a microchipping form.
  4. SIF voucher for booking a sterilisation surgery is issued via email. This can take up to 6 weeks from acceptance into the program.
  5. Make a surgery appointment for your pet at the partnered vet clinic listed on your voucher.
  6. Get your pet desexed!
  7. Collect your pet and follow the after-care instructions.
  8. Register your pet with your local council.
  9. A SIF representative will be in touch to follow up/wrap up the process.‹

Note: If you can afford to pay your veterinarian's normal fees, it is important that you do so. The SIF program is designed to help pet owners with a genuine financial need. 


So far we've provided sterilisation for 1,500+ pets! Preventing the birth of a total 8,675 unwanted animals.

1,075 Cats
550 Dogs

(Updated 05/05/2024)


Our community partners support us by putting us in touch with vulnerable families in need of financial assistance to access veterinary care, and we love them for all their hard work and dedication helping us get pets to the vet!

Please support their work where you can and click on their logo to find out more about how they service their localities in WA.


Shire of Brookton

The Shire of Brookton is the first local government to partner with Spay It Forward, and to promote our program in their administrative division. The Shire has also waived registration fees for Spay It Forward successful applicants, so any pet that is accepted into the Spay It Forward's program will receive a free lifetime registration with the council.



Veterinary and Community Care (VaCC)

VaCC is a social enterprise and registered charity with a vision where people and their beloved animals thrive together, receiving wraparound support that strengthens the bonds between them. 

We have a goal to utilise veterinary social services, including Veterinary Social Workers, in this transformative One Health approach focused on keeping both humans and animals healthy and connected. By embracing this model, we're not just safeguarding the well-being of animals but also nurturing the mental health of the veterinary community.

VaCC and SIF are strongly aligned and work collaboratively to facilitate the provision of essential veterinary and social services for people who are experiencing vulnerabilities that may be preventing them from accessing these services to care for their animals.


Street Aid Social Project

Street Aid Social Project's mission is to ensure that pet owners are never faced with the choice of feeding themselves or their pets. Through Street Aid's Pet Food Assistance initiative, they aim to ensure that cats, dogs and other pets receive the food they need. Additionally, Street Aid recognised that one of the most important, yet often overlooked (due to cost or other factors) preventative health measures, is that flea and worm treatments should be easily accessible. As such, they provide flea and worm treatments for free to pet owners in need. The goal is to prevent pets going hungry and reducing surrenders due to cost. All of this assistance can be accessed via Street Aid's own dedicated Pet Pantry or through Street Aid's many partner organisations.

Another main goal of Street Aid's is to reduce the amount of unwanted litters through providing consultation on low-cost desexing programs. Street Aid and SIF work in tandem to refer Street Aid's clients to SIF for access to low cost desexing whilst receiving referrals from SIF to provide pet food assistance. Additionally, Street Aid champion SIF's work by putting them front and centre in the community at all events and operating days as well as working actively to expand SIF's vet network.


Share and Care- Northam Branch

We are a not-for-profit organisation that sponsors health, welfare and family services to regional communities, and have partnered with Spay It Forward to provide community veterinary services to those in need. Founded in 1975 by a concerned group of community members in the town of Northam, the Share and Care organisation today has grown to provide 23 various services, and covers 250,000 square kilometres of the Coastal, Wheatbelt and Upper Great Southern areas.



National Desexing Network (NDN)

Spay It Forward is listed on the National Desexing Network which œis a nationwide referral system for discounted desexing made available to pet owners in financial need. Our goal is to end pet overpopulation by making this service more affordable to those who might not otherwise be in a position to desex their pets. We aren't the only service listed, there are plenty of vets that also take part across WA. Browse their website to find out more.




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If you're not sure if you're ready for a pet then give this link a read. It may help you decide: Have You Got What it Takes?