Have You Got What It Takes?

Sun, 14 Mar 2021

Have You Got What It Takes?

Part of our service to the WA community is helping families come together! Pet ownership is super exciting, there's nothing more special than finding that little (or big) furball that completes your family. You'll come to know their quirky habits and you'll no doubt take dozens of photos of them in the same position. Just like a new parent! But first, there's a few things we'd love for you to consider.

Do you have other pets? 

Cats, dogs, or perhaps chickens or rabbits? How is a new pet going to fit in with your current family? Do you have an older dog perhaps with arthritis? How would having an energetic puppy affect their health?

Do you have children?

How old are they? And how responsive are they to your directions? Are you perhaps planning on having children in the next few years? If you are, try to expose your pets to children and work out a plan about how you're going to keep incorporating the pets in your family once your new bundle arrives.

Planning on a trip but have pets?

There are lots of kennels and catteries around Perth, and there's also a huge network of in-house home sitters who are also experienced animal carers. Plan ahead of the really busy Christmas/New Year and Easter period as these weeks book out months in advance. Most kennels and catteries will require up to date vaccinations too.

Permanent housing?

Too often pets all across Australia are displaced because their families move houses. It is really important that if you're renting you allow enough time to find a suitable pet friendly rental. We've spoken to property managers, and they recommend getting vet references. Some pet owners have even put together a one-page application just for their pets! Think of it like a resume add a photo or two and a few sentences about their personalities. This shows landlords that your pet is well-behaved and well-looked after and the property managers love it!

Above all, pets require your time!

Puppies will need regular positive training and they will absolutely love being involved in as many areas of your life as possible. Are you going to a friend's BBQ, why not take them along? Planning on a beach trip? Pick a beach that also allows your canine. To ensure they are social and well behaved-ish you might want to enrol them in a puppy school or even take them to doggy day care where they learn important social skills. Yes! They have day care centres for dogs! 

A lot of puppy owners will dedicate time on the weekends to take them to the local dog park, a farmer's market or a dog friendly café. Then there's vet visits, your pup might decide to swallow a sock, or simply needs a check-up. Dogs also love their walks! Pick up their lead, and they will go from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds! Your dog is highly intelligent and requires mental stimulation as well as physical exercise to keep their body nice and healthy. You might join a local dog club, or a Facebook group to organise regular playdates¦. You can be as involved in your pet's life as you want! Remember, you are the only family they have.

Cats can be a little more independent but will still need their hugs and kisses! You might invest your time in researching about the perfect diet for your pet, or the best cat enclosure ideas.

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