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About Me:

Well hello ladies and gentleman, here I am your very own playful lion called Timmy seeking out his forever home. Well I bet my beautiful ginger and white fluffy coat catches your eyes first and guess what its as beautiful in real life. It's soft and smooth and like silk to touch so I love nothing more than to clean several times a day to keep it in pristine condition.


I have a huge heart and am very loving and this can be heard from the loud continued purr that I love everyone to hear. I love to give head buts and will kiss your face softly, I like to be picked up for cuddles also and sit your lap. I love to play with the variety of toys I have on offer so please make sure you have a good selection for me. I do have sharp claws and teeth that I'm still learning to control, I have a fascination with hands and jewelry which is  why its  important to have plenty of toys on hand to distract me.


My foster mummy tells me I am a bit of a clumsy one as when I try and jump on her knee sometimes I fall down but I will keep trying until I am perched where I want to be, I also fall off my cat tower sometimes when I am playing or go to fast. I love to climb the tall cat tower so it would be a added bonus if you could provide one of these for me.


I love hooman company so if you can promise to spend time with me I would really love that as I do get a little lonely. I love to run and jump on my small dog foster brothers back then wrestle and play so it would be an added bonus if I had a play mate of equal energy. I wont suit a home with small animals in the house as the lion that I am I love to hunt and stalk anything that moves.

I have a very healthy appetite and just love wet food morning and night with dry food out through the day so I can snack between play and nap time, you will hear my loud purr when I know the food is coming. I also like to have a treat of fresh cooked chicken from time to time. I am kitty litter trained too.


If you would like more information on me or even meet me, I look forward to seeing applications and I will do my best to meet you all. Meow for now and see you real soon, I am off to have some nap time after telling you all a little bit about me.

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