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About Me:

Introducing Steve!


What can we say about this man? After coming off of the streets we're thrilled to say that he absolutely loves human contact. Steve will come and pop his two front legs and half sit on his foster carers lap for cuddles - which is extremely cute!


Mr Steve is litter trained, LOVES his food, and loves to play; he's really still a kitten at heart! He hasn't quite grasped how to use his nails during play (thanks to his time on the streets) so sometimes he playfully swipes while playing and leaves a little scratch, however, with time he will learn how to reign in his little claws. Because of this he is not suited to a family with younger kids.


Because he loves people so much, Steve likes to walk around with you and duck and weave between your feet for attention. He would not be suited to someone who is unsteady on their feet as he could easily (accidentally) trip up someone who is! We believe he will be cat friendly as he has met his foster carers cat through a glass door without any aggression at all, so given a proper introduction he should be fine. Steve is untested with dogs and due to his past, we don't think he'd like to share his forever home with one.

If you think that Steve is the man for you, make sure to apply today!

Medical Notes:

Steve came into care with an extremely sunburnt noise, with medical treatment he is all healed up but will need to be an inside only cat to continue to protect his skin from cancer.

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