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About Me:

Hellllllooooooo, ladies! Stefan here ready to make my dating debut to find my forever love. One of my best qualities is my eskimo kisses – getting up close and personal I love touching noses and knowing we’re soul mates. I’m a quiet, gentle kind of guy that can be picked up for a quick cuddle, but I prefer to keep my paws on the floor where I can weave in and out of your legs. I'll come in for pats and then twirl to show you my best side and come back for more pats. I’m a bit of a showoff I guess, but gosh, I really love a good head pats and back scratches. I’ll do the pat and twirl routine for hours!

I can be quite the friendly fella, but you’ll find I’ll need some time to come out of my shell to be the best cat I can be. I need a lady or a family who’s going to feed me well because this is the true way to my heart! I think I'm looking for a lady or a family that doesn’t mind the strong, silent type initially then, in general, a soft, sweet mate. I would thrive in a low-key, quiet home. Older kids are cool, and I can make friends with other cats that are mellow like me and probably respectful dogs that know boundaries.

Would you be my forever home that’ll rub noses with me?

Medical Notes:

Stefan has been exposed to cat flu.

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