Sponsor a carer.

Our foster carers are our heroes!


They open up their homes, give up their time and money, and many will squeeze in ‘just one more’…. New cat? What new cat, honey? Kitty has been here all along….. We rely completely on donations of food, litter and toys and when we don’t have any to give, our carers pick up the tab.


To give these kind people as much help as we possibly can, we have created Perth’s first ‘Sponsor a Foster Carer’ program. This is our way of connecting the public directly with our foster carers and giving them an extra hand. Please note only a handful of our carers are listed here, but donations go to help everyone on our team.


Click on our carer's pics below for a wish-list. If you can donate please email hello@wapetproject.com.au 

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