Vada and Spider
Vada and Spider

Vada and Spider
Vada and Spider

Vada and Spider
Vada and Spider

Vada and Spider
Vada and Spider


Spider & Vada



Domestic Medium Hair


Indoor Only



Small Animals


Under 5

Ages 6-12

Teens & Up

About Us:

Armadale, 6112.

Introducing Vada (black) and Spider (grey)!

These two brothers both sport the most beautiful fluffy coats, perfect for running your fingers through. They're looking for a home together, as Spider gets a lot of comfort from his brother Vada when he is feeling overwhelmed. After a tough start to life they are both on the shier side, though they are getting more and more comfortable with people everyday.

Vada: Vada is a beautiful fluffy black boy, he has the most majestic tail you have ever seen! He can be a shy boy, he can be weary of humans and puts up a tough guy front that can quickly be overcome with some gentle scritches. He is definitely full of mischief!

Spider: Spider is a grey fluffy boy and he is more shy than his brother Vada. He can be very unsure and he looks to his brother for that reassurance when life gets a little too much for him. He's a vocal little boy who loves to climb and hang upside down. 

These beautiful boys are looking for a home who can give them patience and love, people who understand that it may take them a little while to come around but are willing to spend time with them to create an unbreakable bond and show them the very best that life with humans has to offer.

Spider and Vada could live with another cat or a dog given a proper introduction. Due to their shy nature, they are not suited to a home with children.

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