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Success Stories


"Mario and Valentino’s lives began on a farm in a country town. They were found (3 boys, 1 girl) with their sibling in a paddock, alone with no mum in sight. Their finder decided to bring them home and hand rear them ensuring all the kittens grew up with the tender loving care to become treasured family members and young adults. Now grown, the boys needed desexing, and, like a lot of country locations, the costs can be significantly higher than those available in Perth. It was at this time that the Spay It Forward program was contacted for help! After a little transportation organisation and a long trip to Perth, the brothers were desexed and microchipped and recovered in foster care before transport was again organised for them to head home. Currently, we hear they’re growing like weeds and healthier than ever. We are so glad we could help these country kids access the care they needed!"

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“Thankyou so much for what you guys have done for me and my family, appreciate it more than you know!! Kitty is doing amazing and is already eating normally and back to herself 💕💕 you guys are so amazing xxxx” - SLP