Missy's Mini Grant Recipient

e45138_5955ee984c3b417fb91707133b991b51_mv2.pngSavourLife's Missy's Mini Grant Empowers Spay It Forward to Transform Lives!

The Spay It Forward is proud to announce our partnership with SavourLife, as one of the fortunate recipients of the Missy's Mini Grants program, receiving a generous $10,000 award! This transformative grant is tailored to combat one of the leading causes of animal overpopulation: unsterilised, owned female dogs. Our Spay It Forward program has long been dedicated to addressing this crucial issue, but we've observed the challenges in funding spay surgeries for female dogs – a group often overlooked due to the high costs involved.

Enter SavourLife, changing the game for us! Thanks to this incredible grant, we are on a mission to target at-risk female dogs in Western Australia, preventing unwanted litters and reducing the cycle of homelessness. Commencing on the 6th of April 2021, our ambitious goal for the next 12 months is to fund over 400 spay surgeries across WA. A heartfelt thank you to SavourLife for recognizing the importance of our mission and supporting us in making a tangible difference in the lives of companion animals. Together, we're creating a brighter and more responsible future for dogs in WA!

Goal Progress Tracker:

From April, 2021 to April, 2022, we directly prevented 552 unwanted puppies in WA, and provided the following number of sterilisations for dogs in WA:

92 Dogs

(Updated 30/11/2023)
For more information about SavourLife and all the great things they do to help the rescue community, visit their website here.


Success Stories

e45138_f3d16cd5c40b4536b18e46fbd2112b22_mv2.jpg Cali was the first successful applicant that received desexing assistance via our Missy's Mini Grant awarded by SavourLife.

Cali is a 3-year-old staffy X and member of a loving family. Cali's mum reached out to the Spay It Forward program for help as she found the upfront fees of sterilisation too far out of reach as a single mum of two children. While desexing does prevent the birth of unwanted litters, many owners, like Cali's mum, also reach out to us for desexing assistance in the hopes that it will help correct some of their pet's unwanted behaviours. For Cali's mum, her concern was the resource guarding of her toys and possessions while she was in heat, and since her spay surgery, we are happy to report that Cali has certainly improved and is living her best life.
e45138_a16ab928ae6f48df8eb8a67f567b519f_mv2.jpgAnother of our Missy's Mini Grant recipients is little Lilly. Lilly's mum originally contacted the Spay It Forward program with the idea to get Lilly desexed to prevent the birth of unwanted puppies. Before we could act on our desexing plans, her mate (pictured in the front), who was also not sterilised, mounted her and mated her - at least we thought! Much to our excitement and relief, Lilly avoided pregnancy and was whisked away quickly thereafter to a partnered veterinary hospital for immediate desexing. You never know when an accident is going to happen and little Lilly is very lucky indeed! Now, Lilly is healthier, and able to enjoy a long, puppy-free life!


For application questions, community partnerships, donor inquiries, or any other inquiries, please email spay@wapetproject.com.au, or phone 0420451987.