Brookton Pingelly Community Bank has granted $10,000 to Spay It Forward for pioneering initiatives!

We are thrilled to announce that in November, 2023, the Brookton Pingelly Community Grant Program has generously awarded $10,000 to Spay It Forward! In an unprecedented collaboration with the Shire of Brookton and Heartlands Veterinary Hospials, we are set to revolutionize companion animal welfare in the Shire of Brookton. This significant grant will fuel our mission to deliver a discounted desexing and microchipping services for companion animals, ensuring affordable and accessible care cats and dogs that reside in Brookton. But that's not all – we are launching a groundbreaking pilot parvo eradication program in Pingelly and Brookton this January! This vital initiative, in partnership with Spay It Forward, the Shire of Brookton, and Heartlands Veterinary Hospitals, aims not only to enhance the well-being of our beloved pets but also to combat the alarming threat of parvovirus, Australia's most deadly canine disease that claims the life of a dog every 20 minutes across the country. Together, we are taking a bold step towards eradicating parvovirus and safeguarding the health of our four-legged companions and fostering a healthier, happier community by providing services worth over $50,000 to the Wheatbelt.

BROOKTON RESIDIDENTS, please apply to desex, micorchip, and register your pets online with our application link: