Pet Carrier Recycling Program

"When you put the whole picture together, recycling is the right thing to do." - Pam Shoemaker

Our Spay It Forward program is always in desperate need of pet carriers to help families get their pets to the vet.

We are finding every week that there are families that don't have a spare $20 to purchase this essential item to get their pet safely to a local vet for desexing. The families we assist include those escaping domestic violence, single-parent families, pensioners, and people with disability.

What carriers do we accept?

  • Any size carrier with a working door present, and all the side clasps, or screws, in place.
  • It must be hard sided.

Drop off locations include:

  • Joondalup
  • West Perth
Need another location? Please email us at

Recycling facts:
  • Carriers are bulk items for curbside collection and cannot be recycled through regular plastic recycling methods.
  • Reduce the amount of these items that end up in landfill by donating them to a family in need and help send zero waste to landfill.


If you work with a local Good Sammies, Salvation Army, Vinnies, or know any cleaning companies that assist with estate cleans, please tell them to donate to our charity!

The Spay It Forward Program endeavours to be as green as possible and supports other recycling programs in Perth such as the Royal Canin Recycling Program for their food pouches and plastic food bags. You can read about the program here:

We participate in the WA State government's Containers for Change where you can donate the proceeds of you bottles and cans to WA Pet Project by using the code: C10242491, at check out.