Top 5 Things To Teach Your Dog

There are many, many things that you can teach your dog, but there are a handful that are particularly important. Millicent Hayes, dog trainer and owner of Unleashed Potential Dog Training, has put together this fantastic resource for you all!

5 commands to not only to make life easier but keep your dog safe from harm.

  1. A solid recall – returning when called. This can save your dog's life. Imagine you are at the park, by a busy road and your dog gets spooked and slips his collar. Without a solid recall this scenario can be a recipe for disaster.

  2. Sit to say please – A dog that has been taught that sit means please, knows that they will only get attention, food, toys, once they are sitting nicely. It is a basic command that makes life with your dog much more pleasant.

  3. Walking on a loose lead – Walking a dog that pulls is a pretty unpleasant experience for everyone involved. It can result in the dog getting walked less often which often means it pulls even more when it does go out. Walking on a loose lead is a basic skill that can greatly improve a dog's life.