How to update microchip ownership!

We know how complicated and confusing it can be to sort out your animals microchip information. Often times in the excitement of getting a new animal, people forget one of the most important parts of owning an animal - their microchip details! Maybe you got yours via a private surrender and they didn't provide you with the change of ownership at the time, or you just need to update your own details and are unsure where to start.. Using our experience dealing with microchips, we have put together a how to guide for you.

Step One: Find your pets microchip number!

This should be on paperwork supplied from your vet. If you are unable to find your vet paperwork, call your vet and ask them for the microchip number as it should be recorded in their files. If you do not have a vet or cannot remember the vet, take the animal into a local clinic and ask them to scan the pet and give you the number – it’s free.

Step Two: Find the microchip company!

Now you have the microchip number, head to Pet Address and search the microchip number in the search bar. Pet Address will search the nation database in Australia f