Lost A Pet?

Losing a pet brings an incredible amount of stress and sadness and often pet owners aren't sure what to do. So, we've put together a short list of things you can do to help reunite you and your beloved pet.

1. Call your local ranger services. Many councils have registers online where you can view pictures of animals that have been found. If they do not have images available, we strongly recommend visiting the pound as often one person's boxer might be another's staffy mix! Remember councils are legally only required to hold pets for 72hours. It is very important that they are notified as soon as possible.

2. Call any vet within a 5-10km radius as well all 24hr vets. Pets when lost and scared can cover a lot of ground and for those found at night-time, animals are often taken out of area to a 24hr emergency vet clinic! Leave your contact details and description of your animal with the vet clinic. Some vet clinics might even allow you to leave posters of your pet.

3. There are a few fantastic Facebook groups we highly recommend you post in. These are ‘Pets of Perth – Lost & Found’ and ‘Lost and Found Pets in Perth’. Many members scour pound photos or other Facebook groups, and pets are quickly reunited. You can even share a photo of your pet in other suburb specific groups. Social media is a very important tool.

4. Contact rescue groups in your state – they may be able to share a picture on their social media accounts for you.

5. Search your local neighbourhood and let your neighbours know. Your dog may have gone to a familiar park or your cat might be stuck in someone's shed (this happens so often!). Check under bushes and in front gardens in case they are hurt and hiding.