Common Emergencies

Throughout the life of your pet, you will have to deal with emergency situations. They might have swallowed socks or had an allergic reaction to a bee sting. Unique to Australia, vet clinics often have to deal with heat stroke and snake bites. Below you will find information about these emergency situations. Thanks to Dr Staaden and Nurse Grace for providing us with this invaluable information.

Heat Stroke:

Heat stroke is a form of non-fever hyperthermia that occurs when heat dissipating mechanisms of the body cannot accommodate excessive external heat. This typically occurs when the body temperature increases over 39 degrees. This condition can lead to multiple organ dysfunctions and is very serious.

Heat stroke has many causes such as excessive environmental heat and humidity, excessive exercise and upper airway disease. It is most commonly seen in long haired dogs and short-nosed, flat-faced dogs, also known as brachycephalic breeds (Pug, French Bulldog etc). It is especially important that in summertime pet owners do not exercise their pets in temperatures above 30C. Please also make sure your pet has access to somewhere shady with cool, fresh water... Or better yet! Reserve them a spot under the aircon.

Symptoms to watch for:

- Panting

- Dehydration

- Excessive drooling

- Increased body temperature