Being Prepared For A New Cat

Felines are very sensitive creatures so will need time to adjust to this wonderful change in their life. We recommend setting up a “Sanctuary Room”. The Sanctuary Room is the space you have chosen to allow your new pet to adjust to your home. Follow the steps set out below to ensure the smoothest possible introduction. It is important not to create unrealistic expectations as there is no ‘normal’ timeframe for cats to adjust, the timeline will be set by your new cat’s comfort levels. It can take a few days, a few weeks or even months. The first meetings between the resident animals and your new pet can set the tone of their relationship, so slow and steady is best.

Sanctuary Room

This can be somewhere like the laundry or in the bedroom of the person they are primarily bonding with. Ideally this room will be quiet and calm so if there are young humans in the house make sure they don’t bang on the door or scream as this can affect how well the pet adjusts.

The Sanctuary Room needs to have:

  • Secure doors and windows – to confine the cat& keep out existing animals

  • A safe place to hide – a box, the carrier or under the bed is fine

  • Food & water bowls – as far away from tray as possible

  • A litter tray with some newspaper underneath to catch flicked grains

  • Toys / scratching post

Sensory Overload