Animal Care - Tips & Tricks!

Monitoring changes in your pet’s health is an important part of pet ownership! By being vigilant and familiar with your pet’s ‘normal’ health status, slight changes are easily noticed, and care can then be given before the problem becomes magnified.

So, here’s a simple list that we’ve put together to help you out. Please note, that a simple check over, should not and cannot replace professional veterinary care. If you do however notice any changes, visit your vet and seek treatment. Our pets rely on us and often don’t show any signs of pain, when they are in fact experiencing discomfort.

1. Ears:

Check for signs of debris, discharge, blood, dirt or wax. Your pet’s ears should not have an unpleasant odour, but a small amount of wax is normal Pet’s with pink skin have a much higher risk of getting skin cancer so Its especially important that the skin is monitored for any new lumps, bumps or changes in skin pigmentation. Swelling and change in skin colouration in most cases also isn't normal.

2. Eyes:

Eyes should be nice and clear, without any redness, discharge or weeping.

3. Nose:

Noses should be free of discharge and swelling. Check for changes in skin pigmentation or sores that won’t heal.