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Hi, Everyone! I'm Teddy and I'm looking for a forever home. I was found roaming the streets behind Bunnings in Balcatta, and now I'm ready to start the next, more positive, adventure in my life. Now, let me tell you all about me!

My most favourite thing in the world is roast chicken and wet food, but mainly roast chicken. My foster mum tells me I have to wait my turn and there's lots to share cause I'll bop the other cats to steal their chook! It's so yummy! And, well, this is how you'll find the way to my heart ¦ through my stomach!

‹I'm considered Miss Independent cause I love hanging with my humans but mostly just sharing the space and room with them is good enough for me. I loooooove to play with all the feather wands toys (they are the best if you haven't tried them already) they have. My foster ma and I are good buddies when we're playing. When I'm resting quietly (cat perches are my favourite. Those ones up high) I do like a few pats. I can be picked up too, but most of the time I'm cool playing and chilling by my lonesome.

‹I'd make a great mate to other cats and dogs. I love them both. I've lived with a big boofa of a dog at 45 kgs before and we were good friends. If there are older children in the fam, that'd be cool, especially, if they wanted to keep playing crazy wands with me!

‹So what do ya think? Are we a good match? Will you take me home today? Xo

Medical Notes:

Teddy has been exposed to cat flu