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Introducing Vada (black) and Spider (grey)!

​A matching pair, these two are very affectionate and super sweet. Spider is the grey of the 'Ying' and Vada is the black 'Yang'. 

Both love their food and sitting in the sun of their foster carers catrun. With their super soft fur you won't be able to resist giving them pats. They will require brushing to maintain their fluffy butts 😊

Vada and Spider can be nervous so will need someone willing to let them grow used to them and the household. Once you have they're trust both boys love pats and Spider will even allow belly rubs.

​These boys could go to a home with an existing cat who is confident and can lend them some strength when they are scared. They could live with a cat-friendly dog who will not chase them if given a proper introduction. They will both need to be indoor cats, they would also love to have a catrun. They would like older children if they can allow them space and time when they are feeling shy but young children would overwhelm them.

These two boys will reward your time with so much love.