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Surf's up, matey! Slater the kitten here ready to catch the next wave straight to my forever family! I'm a quiet kitty full of beans! I've got your typical kitten energy and zoomies are kinda my thing at the moment! I love my cat foster friends and hanging and playing with the boys. My brother, Bebe, is my best friend and running mate. I love all the toys: bouncy balls, stuffed mice and fish, wands you name it, I play with it! I have a deep purr and I'm sure I'll grow up to be the handsomest cat to match.

In my forever home, my dream family would include another young cat or kitten. Maybe even my brother Bebe?! That'd be pretty cool. a doggo and I could be friends. He/She would just have to be super respectful of my space to start. I love people but only the older humans, please. I love pats, don't get me wrong, they do get my motor going! I'm just getting used to hands approaching me and the good feels that come with them so I'd need humans that are slow, gentle and steady. You know, slow and steady wins the race ¦ race straight to my heart! I'm a love bug deep down and our connection will start with a tube of Dine Creamy Treat every night ¦ I'll do anything for food and could even sit pretty! Yes, for real! I can really sit pretty for Dine treats! If you have the time to train a cat, if that's ever been you're thing, then I'm the purr-fect match for you!

I'm ready for my new home, are you the one I've been waiting my whole life for?

Medical Notes:

Slater has been cat flu exposed.