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Shelby although active, a little quirky, and fun loving, will require a really understanding person to bring out these qualities. She has had situations in her past which have caused her to become very shy and wary of everyone and everything initially. Time, affection, and attention is all that is required to bring out her loving, almost kitten like playful qualities to enable her to feel confident enough to become your tentative, little shadow.

Her quiet gentle nature is evident in all her timid and flighty actions but with tolerance, time, understanding and lots of love -- her affection will shine through.

She is very well mannered and not very vocal with one of the quietest little meows you will ever hear. She loves biscuits in the morning and wet food at night and is not a fussy eater at all. Currently unable to convince her to allow us to trim her nails there are a few furniture threads but no deliberate action to scratch the furniture she loves a cat tree-scratching pole and playful cat toy activities.

Shelby is never under your feet for fear of being trodden on, but once you sit, she will be right there with you at your feet or in her basket close enough to watching your every move with interest. Once she believes you will not hurt her then she will be on your lap at every opportunity. She loves to watch the outside world through the windows and is also very content being outside in a cat run in the sunshine with the wind in her fur, some cat grass, and her own spot to lay.

In her new home she is needing a quiet and patient couple or a single person home, who understands that she has been through some big changes and needs time to adjust to her new life. Due to some negative experiences, Shelby is not so good initially with anyone new as she's very afraid of them, so she is seeking an understanding home with maybe one other tolerant cat -- Shelby would like to be the centre of your attention so she can be spoiled the way she deserves and so longs for, however is also able to sit back and wait her turn and permission to be included.

If you think you could offer this sweet little girl, the perfect home then please complete our expression of interest from on the link above.