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Meet our little adventurer Ruby! This gorgeous little fluffy ball loves to play and will entertain you for hours. She has quite the personality and beautifully soft fur.

Ruby is a little timid of new people at the moment, but she is very loving towards her foster family. She will come up asking for pats, and then settle down next to you on the couch, purring away. She is litter trained and well behaved and all ready for a new home!

Ruby has not been around dogs, and would need a slow introduction if being introduced to them. She isn’t suited to a home with small children. Ruby will need a cat savvy owner to help her out of her shell, but once she is settled, she is a lovely little girl who will bring you joy. Her new home would need to be indoor only due to her pale colouring, however she does love having access to a cat run.

Think you can handle twice the fluff? Ruby has an equally adorable sister Sapphire, who is available for adoption as well.