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Leo: G'day! Leo the kind-hearted mini-lion here looking for a new home for me and my brother from another mother, Ray. Let me tell you a little bit about me. Firstly, I have to let you know that I am a silent smoocher ready to take and give cuddles when you are sitting still, and I absolutely adore human company. I am not chatty or demanding, I am more of a laid-back kind of dude who just takes life as it comes and waits for the next exciting thing to happen by lying in the sun or on your bed. I love to sleep with my people and I am happy to be picked up and carried around the house too. I have facial features that are a worry if I end up in the sun so I would need an indoor-only home or a home with containment systems outside that would limit my time outside. Dont worry though! I always use my litter tray and scratch on scratching posts – I am a true noble gentleman! My ideal home would be my forever home with my brother, Ray, who loves to cuddle with me and clean my ears and face. He is the go-getter of us two! 

Ray: Wassup! Ray, the bouncy mini-panther, here on the search for some new digs for me and my adopted brother and best friend, Leo. Let me tell you about me first. You see I am the ying to Leos yang – I am an energetic, incredibly intelligent kitty cat looking for a family that can keep up with me! I love to play and explore new ways to keep myself entertained. I am personality +++, but also the cutest lap cat ever! I love a good cuddle! I would be great in a family that would be interested in investing time into training tricks or puzzle toys to keep me entertained. I am a cat that really wants the most out of life and to live life to its fullest! My ideal home would be my forever home with my brother, Leo, who is my bonded mate. He is the gentle mini-lion!

We were both unwanted kittens and just need our new family to be with us until forever. We are searching for a group of equally kind-hearted humans that would either be a couple or a family with children. We would need a slow introduction, but we could absolutely be friendly with another cat or a cat-social dog. In fact, the busier the home, the better ‘cause we just love to play, entertain and be entertained!

What do you say? Can you adopt us today?