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Ever seen a cat with swagger? No? Well thats because you have not met Ra! A beautiful little ginger and white boy, full of purrs and snuggles. Ra is not a pick-me-up cat...yet.

Ra is often seen first out with his sister, Bastet and they often play together, but Ra is the jealous type who wants to have all your attention! He is a real smoocher and loves to seek out kisses. He is oozing confidence, right down to his little strut. He loves his teaser toys and will play with just about anything. When not playing he loves to curl up right at the top of the cat tree, often with legs akimbo without a care in the world.

Ra came to foster care from a loving home with her two sisters and two brothers and if you are looking for two, he will do well to go with his brother Seth. He is still getting used to his foster dog friend, but is not running away anymore so will suit a home with cat-savvy dogs also. While Ra is a super smoocher, he prefers cuddles on his terms, so a home with older children who understand cats will be more suitable.