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I am the biggest in my litter and the most laid back. I may not have been as smart as my siblings but I'm definitley the bravest and most independent. My curious and cruisy nature makes me a favourite in my foster home where I like to join the kids play wii games and scatter my foster mum's puzzle pieces.

Wherever you go I am likely to appear at your feet, wanting to be involved and will let out a small squeak when I want affection or human interaction. Being a kitten I am easily distracted, I'm super affectionate but an eager purr inducing pat session can turn into play time and back again in seconds. You'll often find me sleeping in strange places that I find comfortable or teasing my foster dog friend with a sneaky game of peek-a-boo. Being a light cream/ginger cat, I can't spend much time outdoors to protect my pink skin pigment and would enjoy exploring way too much.

I would be best suited to a home with at least another animal I can bond and play with, would be great with kids/teens and am hoping my human family will let me cuddle up in bed.