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Natan is looking for a playful fur family and loving humans who have plenty of cuddles to give. Does your home fit the bill? 

​Natan is a talkative and handsome young man. He is very playful, his day includes playing with his foster siblings, racing around the house, or finding a bit of fluff on the floor to play with, which will entertain him for hours. Natan is a real foodie and can be quite talkative during meal prep. He is cautious around new people but once settled he becomes a real love bug. 

Natan is always the first to greet his foster parents when they arrive home, following them until cuddles are given. He is currently in a home with other adult cats, who he is very respectful of. Natan is also in a home with a young dog, he greatly enjoys getting his ears cleaned by the dog, deliberately going up and head bobbing him. Natan is particularly fond of the dog, regularly following him around the house and on occasion has been found curled up asleep with him. 

Given Natan's cuddles and play with other animals, it is felt that he would need to go to a home with another cat or dog for company.  A slow and supervised introduction to any new pet would be required. As Natan is a little cautious to start he would not be recommended for a home with young children.

​What do ya think? Could Natan be the one for you?