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Introducing Myron!

Myron is a snuggly boy, he enjoys all the cuddles but equally enjoys playing chasey with his sisters. He immediately purrs in the presence of people and is happy to see kids, men and women equally. If you aren't patting him, he will let you know he wants it. He loves anything that dangles and rolls: if it could possibly be played with, he will make a game out of it! Myron has a kink at the end of his tail that he was born with (it does not affect him at all).

Myron has grown up around young kids and teens, as well as an adult cat and pet chihuahua (who he plays rough and tumble with gently). In his new home he could live with another cat or a cat-friendly dog given a proper introduction. He will be best suited to any home that is willing to give many cuddles.

If you think you could be the cuddle supplier for this boy, please apply today!