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Mochi is a fun loving, active kitten who prefers play and adventure over being a lap cat – while this may change as she ages she is currently very much a boisterous kitten, she is independent and strong willed but does love the occasional snuggle.

Mochi was born with a condition causing her rear limbs to not function correctly, however with appropriate care, physiotherapy and rehabilitation today you would almost never know aside from a rare clumsy moment here and there.

Due to her rear limb condition she will require a home with either mostly carpet flooring or a home willing to put down rugs and hall runners to prevent her slipping and injuring herself for the first year of her life while her body finishes developing and her joints, ligaments and muscles learn how to hold her up during her sprinting sprees.

Mochi is social with other calm cat social cats as well as calm cat social dogs as she has been raised in a house with many other animals around her. Due to her being a young kitten she is not suitable to live with babies or toddlers but would be able to live with polite animal savvy children over 8.  

Mochi loves to play with all kinds of toys and enjoys some easy enrichment activities such as getting treats out from a cardboard roll or a lickimatt.