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CJ - Tabby female.

Hello! Did I here you were looking for a cuddle bunny of a kitty cat? Well... that's me! I love to smooch and rub up against my foster mum when she's doing the cleaning, or the cooking, or anything... I just try to sneak in and get a scratch! I like to play and have active kitty feet :) I like to cuddle at the foot of the bed and am learning just how comfy this can be. My brother Mitch likes to join me too. We're often sleeping together and playing together and he's just the best!

Mitch - Ginger male.
What's up! Mitch here waving a friendly paw, and letting you know that this handsome ginger face is looking for a forever home. I few things that my new home has to have:

        (1) regular Kmart trips - their toys are da best!,

        (2) wet food meals - a growing kid has to eat and these are my favourite, and

        (3) patience and love. I'm a pretty cruisey guy and with my love for food my foster mum trained me to give her head bumps.

I'd love a family that can keep reminding me how cool it is to get ear scratches and pats. I do love weaving between your legs at dinner time, but I'd like to take our relationship to the next level, okay? :)

My sister and I are a bonded pair meaning we're a package deal and one that would love to be spoiled with a cattio and inside home only, please :) Cattio not a must but would be pretty cool to feel the breeze in our fur and have a space to call our own. We've only lived with older folks and would prefer 'mature' people in our forever home that we can love and cuddle with, but also play and learn from. Doggos - got one of those? That's cool. We'll settle in well with a polite pooch.

Are we the perfect pair you've been searching for? Take us home today xx

Medical Notes:

Mitch and CJ have been exposed to cat flu.