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Introducing Minerva!

Minerva is a beautiful blue girl, who is a little mummy to all the animals around her (including the humans) - she can always be found cleaning someone. She loves to have cuddles with animals and humans alike. She likes to snuggle close to her human friends when she is tired. She is at times very independant, but also loves attention and pats. Her purr can be heard from ages away. Any sign of a human (adult or child), she will be there to have a pat. If you don't pat her, she will make her way to your face for a face to face rub!

Minerva has been bought up alongside kids, an adult cat and a chihuahua, who also loves to play by her side (he also receives all the licks, much to his dismay!). Minerva would be suited to any family willing to give out all the cuddles and pats.

If you think she could be for you, please apply today!