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Hola, I'm Miami! Curious kitty and sun seeker at your service! Like my name I love to chase the heat the heat of the sun that is! I love looking longingly out the window and stretching out completely to absorb all the rays I can. Being a black cat does have some advantages! As much as I love the sun, I love my feline friends. A day wouldn't be complete without check in with them and in some cases curling up with them.

Like I said, I'm curious but also cautious. I like to get pats from people, but it may take a bit of coaxing on the human's part to remind me. Although, I'm always reaching out to greet them when they come to see me very slowly! I'm a lover of all four-legged creatures as I've grown up with the best big doggo mate, and any older cat-savvy kids in a family that are patient and kind would complete my best forever family.

Can I be the added sunshine in your life? What do you say you? Adopt me today!