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Hi, there! Stop right there! My name is Logan, and you should come give me a pat!

Once you touch my coat you'll feel I'm forever family material! I'm the most loving gentleman you'll ever meet. I love people so much I cry when we're apart. I love nothing more then to be with you always. If you're looking for a love, affection, and companionship I'm your man! I love laps, pats, and cat naps every day with you.

So, what happens when you go to work, or you must leave the house? I'll just need a cat buddy of my own. That's the most soothing remedy. In fact, I'm really into kittens. My foster mum caught me rolling around, playing, and caring for two 4-month-old kittens and she says I'm the best dad-mum! I'm truly a gentle, caring soul. I'm not sure if I'd get along with a doggo we haven't been formally introduced, but little humans would be the best play mates! Do you have any of those?! Other things you need to know about me wet food is a must, I've got an obsession with good food and intend to live the high life now!

What do you say, could I be a part of your family? xo