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We adore our crew, house trained and sociable, but we are keen to find our own place in the world where we can continue to play with other fun bobby cats. We also love to smooch the big cats that have really hard tails and don't purr but bark.. but fun all the same. We get told we talk a lot, especially when someone comes into the room or we think it's breakfast time (we have decided this is our favourite part of the day, aside from snuggling with each other or near one the many others in the house or chasing pegs around the house).

We can sometimes be a little weary when approached but give us the chance to take the lead and we are putty in your hands when it comes to affection. We would really love a home where we could roam indoors or with a cat run. 


If you are after a quiet and curious pair of kitties who will warm your heart and integrate well with other pets, then take a moment and think could we be the ones???! We think we could be; you won't regret it, we promise.