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Kirk and Star are a brother-sister duo seeking a forever home together. Coming up from the country as undomesticated cats, these two have never spent a day apart and do not want to start any time soon. Taking around two years to get use to their foster parents, they do not come out when new humans are around and their adopters will need to be patient and prepared to move at their pace.

Kirk - Short haired male. Where to start with this handsome man!? Kirk is the most beautiful natured cat to ever exist, he is the cuddliest cat his foster carers have ever had in all their years fostering. He wasn't always this way though, and it's important to remember that they had to earn his trust for a long time before being doted with his unwavering love. He is still not a fan of being picked up unless it is his foster mum. A smooth talker, a ladies, fellas, cats and dogs man. Kirk doesn't discriminate, he just loves to give love. He is VERY vocal and will loudly demand love and food from his humans. Not shy about sitting on you, Kirk will find you whenever you are seated and start kneading -- not the most helpful when you're trying to work but definitely the cutest! Kirk does have epilepsy. He has had several long, scary seizures and is now on medication twice a day. This medication makes him a little wobbly on his feet sometimes and very relaxed, but it's nothing to be concerned about. Anybody wanting to adopt these two will need to be confident in pilling cats and be prepared to pay for his medication, frequent check ups, and endure any seizures he may have.

Star - Long haired female. Oh Star, what do we say about you? This lady has the most peculiar face, kinda flat, kinda square but definitely very cute! Much more timid then her brother, Star took longer to come around often preferring the company of the other animals to humans. It took a long time before we heard Star's little meow but now she speaks freely to her foster parents, mainly at dinner time. Nicknamed 'stompy' she loves to get on top of you and really knead with all her strength -- it can seriously feel like getting beaten up by very small paws! Though she will come to you for cuddles and lovin', Star is still extremely flighty and will run off if you move too fast. She does not like being picked up and will let you know it with her kitty claws.

Kirk and Star are extremely friendly with other cats, they have always lived in busy foster homes with other cats and dogs. In their forever home, they are looking for a confident feline companion who can show them the ropes of the new house. They are very friendly with large dogs but will not suit a home with dogs who will chase them or push their boundaries due to their timid natures. Adults only, these two need quiet, patience and love to truly blossom in a new home. They MUST be inside only or they will run off never to be seen again, and eat a premium diet to maintain Kirk's weight and Star's luscious fur.

If you think you have the heart for this black and white pair, then please apply today!