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KAMURO is a ginger firecracker – in fact that’s what he’s named after! This boy loves to play; he loves anything from fluffy toys with bells to a simple rolled up receipt. Home parkour is his favourite pastime which makes his carer put things away! Kamuro is also quite affectionate! He loves cuddles every day and will sit there for as long as you keep scratching, purring loudly. At bed time, he will come up for snuggles and will curl up by your and Elderberry’s side all night.

ELDERBERRY is the true definition of sweet. He is a very chilled out kitty, who like Kamuro loves pats and will always show you his affections with purrs and cuddles at bedtime. Like any kitty though, Elderberry still has plenty of energy for play! He will chase anything with bells and feathers, this truly brings him out of his shell.

Kamuro and Elderberry would like to be adopted together as they bring out the best in each other and will help them get settled in their furrever home the best. They would like an older family, with children that respect their space. They will be ok with gentle dogs.