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Hi, Julian Here! Like my friend Lakey, I was also named after a top 10 surfer ¦ I guess that's what happens living in Australia! I am a very independent kitty who loves to sit back and watch my surroundings. I wouldn't describe myself as a lap cat, but I do let my foster mum give me pats while giving me treats. I have my quirks too. For example, I can squeeze into any tiny space! My foster mum always wondering where I was and would find me tucked away sleeping in the weirdest places!

I am a very playful cat and I LOVE other felines. So, a friendly kitty I can play with at my new home is a must. I've never met a dog before, but I bet I'd be OK in a home with a calmer dog who gives me my space. I haven't met any children, but a home with older children who can respect my boundaries would be best.

I love my personal space but will let my humans give me pats, especially at dinner time. I love playing: with toys, cats and even feet! I love other cats and kittens. In fact, I am always with them, sleeping, eating or playing. I get very distressed when I can't reach my kitty friends.

My PURR-fect home would be one with other cats or kittens (definitely a must) that I can play with. A home with older children or just adults would be great. So, what do you say? Can I go home with you today?