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If you have other pets, do not apply. I do not like sharing. My experienced carer has tried to introduce me to other cats and dogs for a few months and I get my hissy pants on… I will coexist at best with frequent arguments.

Because my elderly owner died, I was abandoned as a young kitten at the house so spent a few months living wild and raising my babies. I have re-learnt house manners but play ROUGHLY so will not suit the very young or elderly. If your feet move under the sheet, I will pounce and sometimes I use my claws. My zoomies also include lots of “Halloween” cat arches which make me look fierce, but it’s how I learnt to survive.

I’m still getting used to being picked up so prefer to snuggle against you on my terms. But I will twirl around your feet if there is any food on offer. I will bond fiercely with the people who make me part of the family, will you give me a chance to show you my sweet side?