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If you are seeking a lovely, sweet, yet confident kitten, Hathor is your girl. She is a beautiful calico with a white nose, seeking indoor only homes.

Hathor is certainly the sweetest of the three girls and while she is not super keen on being picked up, she is the most relaxed of them when you do. She is also the most independent of her siblings and quite happy to seek out a quiet spot to sleep away the day by herself. She loves her teaser toys and will play with just about anything. When not playing she loves to snuggle with one of her siblings or perch high in the cat tree, casting her knowing gaze over all before her.

Hathor came to foster care from a loving home with her two sisters and two brothers and if you are looking for two, she will do well to go with one of her siblings. She is in love with her foster-dog brother and in her new home will need a cat-savvy dog friend for company.