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I am a small but seriously spunky cat with so much love to bring into a home for my human companions. Life is rarely all sweetness and light for us rescue cats, street smarts and defensive ferocity was a necessity in my old life, and I am still getting used to being safe and loved in foster care. Sometimes when my foster carer or her four-legged companions surprise me, I let out an involuntary hiss and can feel threatened  I was a dedicated and protective mum-to-be when I was brought into foster care, but within the first hour in my new environment (when the door was closed so I knew I was safe), I warmed to my carer and my defences turned to affection and no amount of leg rubs or pats could satisfy. Because of my fiercely affectionate and sometimes plain fierce nature, my foster carer named me Freyja, after the Norse goddess of love, beauty, fertility and war. My foster siblings who overstepped incurred my wrath early and learnt that I am NOT to be reckoned with. My foster carer had an old cat and two small foster dogs who I eventually shared my space with but I never warmed to the dogs. I am quiet, relaxed and non-destructive. I love my food, stretching, and laying on the back of the couch or floor relaxing with my humans For this reason I would be best suited to a home without multiple other pets as although I will tolerate dogs and other cats, it will take me time. As I am very brave, I will stand up to a dog and possibly even pick a fight unprovoked to stake my place if introduced too soon.  I don’t think young children would be great fit for me unless I was an only pet, as loud environments can scare me. I just need a chance and some patience as once settled in I do love pats and human company.