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A one-of-a-kind find there will never be another cat like Frank. 

Franklin boasts some of the most unique features: a little club tail, a cool little silver mohawk, and a big white panda belly. He's a sleepy fella and enjoys most days snoozing away and finding his favourite couch spot or chair to veg in. He's very enthusiastic about his food and like any good cat will come running at the sound of a can or package being opened! Frank loves a good head pat and ear scratch and could literally be loved up for hours. These are on his terms though, so when he's sitting quietly in one of his spots - he's ready for some love from his people! Gosh, he has such a big purr that there's no question you'll know when he's content.

Frank's perfect forever home would have to have another friendly feline or two as he's very cat social, and friendly pooches would suit him if they can give Frank heaps of space. Older, cat-savvy children would be ideal. A quiet and patient home is the kind Frank's looking for. He just needs a bit of time to adjust to his new space after being in foster care for so long! 

Franklin is a cat most deserving of a forever home ... could you open up your heart and home to this fella? 

Medical Notes:

Franklin has been exposed to cat flu.