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This gorgeous silver tabby boy is adventurous and sweet. He is a little timid with new adult humans so needs some time to get to know you before he will fully engage. Flynn is super playful and loves climbing, he can often be found on top of the highest perches exploring and his favorite place to nap is in a hammock. This clever boy loves playing woth his foster carers smart phone, tapping it with his paws and nose - He would love playing cat games on the tablet. He is weary of dogs but gets along fine as long as they don't chase him and keep a safe distance when he let's out a fearful hiss. Flynn tries hard to make friends with the resident older and grumpy cat, genlty getting closer each day till he can touch noses. He isn't as cuddly as his siblings yet but gets friendlier everyday. He enjoys playing games with kids and wrestling with his brothers or getting groomed by his sister.