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Heya! Hi! Over here! My name is Comet “the Cutie.”

Yup, just look me and take in my cuteness! It’s not hard, because my favourite things are to chill and look good! It’s a hard life, right?! But I did my time on the streets and all my cuts have healed and the scabs have fallen off, and my foster mum says its time for me to find a forever home. My favourite things to do are to climb to high points and sleep and watch the world go by. When people are home, I like to keep an eye on them and see what they’re up to. I love chilling on my cat bed and the couch where I’ll plunk down beside them to get gentle pats. I’m a young guy and toys are still cool! I hope my new home would have time to play with me. And wet food … the way to my heart will be through my stomach!

My ideal home would have family that has older children, if any, and another chill cat that can keep me company when the people are away. I haven’t met a dog in my foster home, but I bet I could have a doggo friend if he’s just as cruisey as me. I’ve done my hard time outside fending for myself so the indoors is where I want to be for the rest of my days.

So, what do you say – would you be a part of my happily ever after?