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DOB: 16/12/2012
Bulk Prices:
$9   each when buying 2 or more
$7   each when buying 3 or more
Gender: Female
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Suited To: Dogs, Indoor Only, Cats
Not Suited: Small Animals, Children Under 5, Children 6-12, Teens & Up
Location: Parkwood, 6147

Could Cloud be your soul-mate, companion, bosom buddy? Imagine hearing the gentle, soothing rasp of a purr in your ear. Imagine feeling a warm, furry body tucked against you. Suddenly, you don’t feel so alone. But you will need patience to earn this love. Potentially up to 24 months for Cloud to trust you.

Cloud likes to be with "her" person. Sitting next to them on the couch or the bed. We think she'd be ideal for someone looking for emotional support and/or a companion for someone with limited mobility. 

​Cloud has adjusted to being a house cat since being trapped in January 2016. Both her sponsor & carer adore her and are so proud of the progress she has made, but she is still wary of loud noises and fast movements. Cloud is looking for a quiet home with people who will continue to support her and give her the time she needs to adjust.

​Cloud loves being around other animals & would benefit from feline companionship in her forever home. She has accepted the 2 cat-savvy dogs in her foster home and would require any other dogs to ignore her or be just as cat-savvy.

If you feel you have enough love, time and patience to give Cloud the chance to reveal her true sweetness, please call her carer. Her adoption will come with an extended trial to ensure she settles in as well as possible.

Medical Notes:

Cloud has been exposed to cat flu.